Diploma of Montessori Leadership and Practice




The aim of the Diploma of Montessori Leadership and Practice is for Heads of Schools, Directors or others in leadership positions in Montessori schools or centres to advance their governance skills and to gain a general appreciation of Montessori philosophies and ideologies.

Upon completion of the Diploma course, school leaders will have an understanding and knowledge of the Montessori approach to education as well as generalist familiarity with the Montessori Curriculum. They will have developed their academic skills and gained insights into the professional aspects of Montessori leadership. Please note, this is a non-award course.


The Course is divided into eight units and two sections.

  • Four Theory Units which include twelve (12) written assignments
  • Four Montessori Practice Units which include eight (8) Assignments & Observations.
  • At least four (4) Intensive Block Workshops


The Leadership Diploma course is studied over a period of one year (full time) or up to three years (part time). The course is self-paced and can be completed anywhere within this timeframe.

  • Theory and Curriculum Units                              400 hours
  • Curriculum Workshops and Observations          160 hours
  • Total                                                                     560 hours nominal

Course Fees 2021

See Application form, link above

Two days Governance workshop days to be sourced externally and fees will vary.