Graduate Testimonials

Being a Montessori teacher, even sometimes via online for weeks at a time during this pandemic, has yet again, highlighted in sharp contrast the amazing, wonderful Montessori approach to children, families and education. I LOVE my profession and in particular, the amazing Montessori training that continues to equip me, and allows me to stand apart in attitude and approach to teaching colleagues across other disciplines and schools. Thank you Team MWEI – you are making it all possible.

It had been several years since I completed my teacher training, when I discovered Montessori education. I had begun working as an assistant in a Montessori school and I wanted to be able to utilise the teaching qualification that I already held.  A colleague suggested the Montessori Institute Diploma for 6-12, I was anxious about returning to study full time whilst needing to work full time but I was advised that I would receive credits from my prior teaching degree and that the modules were spaced out over 2 or 4 years.
I found the course very manageable and was able to complete it within 2 years, I did not mind the distance learning, my tutor was incredibly inspiring and gave great feedback and support.  The curriculum workshops were wonderful, I enjoyed these weeks deeply; not only because of the learning but also the collegiality which developed between the students attending.
The Montessori Institute were always at hand to answer any questions and were very understanding about the demands of families, work and study.  I am now a lead teacher in a 9-12 classroom and I hope to always remain in Montessori education.
– Diploma graduate

When I took on the role of Principal at a Montessori school I knew I wanted to gain a Montessori teacher qualification.  The Montessori Institute was the course recommended to me by the School Board because students have access to a really doable balance of rigorous external study, face to face workshops and accessible practicums.  As a Principal with a Montessori teacher qualification I now feel I can truly be an instructional leader and have a much greater insight into the day to day experiences of the teachers in our school.  All throughout my course I found the MI staff and tutors so extremely helpful and I always felt that they went over and above to help their students, including myself, to reach their potential.  I felt adequately challenged but it was always done in a way that ensured we could experience success – Dr Montessori would be proud of the way the Institute aligns with her philosophy.
– Lisa Fenton, Margaret River Montessori School Principal and Diploma graduate

As a grandmother, I started studying hesitantly and questioned myself mercilessly.  By the end of the Montessori diploma however, I couldn’t get enough!  Support was always at the end of the phone and the essay marking outlines gave much guidance in how to answer the question.  What I learnt in this course far surpassed the teacher training of 44 years ago and changed me as a person and a grandmother.  I only wished I had done this years ago – I would have been a different teacher and mother as well, with so much deeper understanding.
At the moment, I’m still working in mainstream education but my principal understands my love for Montessori and is happy for me to teach the EAL/D students in small groups, using Montessori materials and strategies to support their learning.  It works really well and they LOVE coming.  I celebrate Montessori every day!  Thank you MI!
– Diploma graduate

I thoroughly enjoyed completing my Grad. Dip Education (Montessori) through MWEI.
I met a great network of people at the workshops from around Australia and New Zealand.  There was a wealth of experience and practical solutions each time we came together to observe the Montessori curriculum in practice.  Anytime I needed help there was someone available to answer a query both through MWEI and with fellow students I had connected with.  The course was family friendly allowing me to work, have a family and study.  The MWEI library system was great and I appreciated the extra support of webinars, materials to prepare ready for teaching and the inquiring but supportive approach of examiners.  The trainers were current, knowledgeable and ensured you had time to take in and understand the course content.  The presentation albums are great resources and extremely useful during supervised teaching practice.  I would recommend Montessori training through MWEI as I felt I was valued in a personal way to implement professional educational practice.
– Graduate Diploma graduate