Theory & Philosophy

In studying the theory, you will learn the basis behind what many people consider to be the most advanced and comprehensive method of education available today.

You will read about Dr. Montessori’s first experiments and discoveries and the concepts she developed. In the process, you will develop an understanding of children, how they develop and learn, and how they become self-disciplined, responsible, socially mature and competent. You will come to understand how children can be helped to develop the ability to lead happy and contented lives, and how adults help or hinder this process. Further, you will discover a positive approach to parenting and teaching, an approach which does not depend on coercion or rewards and punishments, an approach which is an alternative to permissiveness. You will share in the great discoveries, the excitement and the inspiration of profound insight, wisdom and understanding.

With Montessori Institute courses, the purpose of studying Dr. Montessori’s philosophies is not only to enable you to become familiar with her ideas, but to help you observe children in the light of those theories, so as to obtain a better understanding of child development.