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COVID-19 Information

In order to complete a Montessori Institute course, students will need to attend face to face workshops and undertake placement in school and centres. As a higher education provider, we are following Federal Government and State mandated policy in regards to mandatory vaccinations for those entering educational facilities. Staff and Students are required to email confirmation of their compliance with state-mandated vaccination requirements, prior to attending the Workshop/Placement.

The Montessori Institute is concerned for the safety and health of its Staff and Students and is following the progress of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and State and Federal Government requirements closely.

There are four important steps to remember to keep each other COVID-19 Safe:

  • S – Stay at home if you have symptoms and get tested
  • A – At arrival complete the check-in
  • F – Follow health and safety measures
  • E – Everyone has a role to play


Where a workshop or event is directly impacted, Students will receive separate communication regarding their specific circumstances.

Staff and Student Well-being

  • Staff and Students are notified via email NOT TO ATTEND Workshops/Professional Experience Placements if they are unwell.
  • Staff and Students are required to read the Montessori Institute COVID-19 Information document and submit a COVID-19 Self-Assessment Form, 24 hours prior to their attendance at a Workshop/Placement.
  • Persons who have been in close or casual contact with persons displaying COVID-19 symptoms or are experiencing any of the following flu-like symptoms themselves (fever, cough, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, or difficulty breathing) are advised NOT TO ATTEND workshop/placements and to obtain RAT testing and/or PCR testing (if applicable) and to isolate until they receive a negative result and are symptom free.

Face Masks

  • In States with restrictions in place, students are required to wear a face mask (as per State guidelines) unless medically exempted.
  • Staff and Students are encouraged to carry a face mask with them at all times, in case of situations where physical distancing is hard to maintain.

Physical Distancing

  • The number of attendees at workshops and events is limited to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Staff and Students are encouraged to:

  • Remain 1.5m away from people they do not live with.
  • Separate chairs accordingly to maintain distances.
  • Avoid touching, shaking hands, sharing screens and limiting the use of devices.
  • Avoid congestion in entrances/exits, kitchens and bathrooms, and consume food outside where possible.
  • Leave venues promptly after workshops.


Staff and Students are encouraged to practice good hygiene by:

  • Using hand sanitisers upon entry, before and after breaks, before and after using materials and upon request by lecturers.
  • Washing hands with soap and water frequently.
  • Covering coughs and sneezes and placing tissues straight in the bin.
  • Avoiding touching their face.
  • Hand sanitisers are available at all venues for regular use.
  • Venues are cleaned regularly and shared materials are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Posters regarding hygiene requirements are placed around the venue.

Contact Tracing

  • Staff and students can check in using the relevant app for their State, to support contact tracing if a person with COVID-19 visits the premises.
  • Schools and centres have a QR code and manual registers for check in. The Institute emails ahead of the Workshop to advise Staff and Students that they will be required to do this.
  • The Montessori Institute will notify the relevant State authority immediately, should a Workshop attendee become COVID-19 positive.

Stay Informed

  • Check state health alerts and case locations daily and comply with Government health advice before attendance at Workshops.

For further information please see:

Montessori Institute COVID-19 Safety Plan

COVID-19 Information & Self Assessment Form

Further enquiries